Why was PowerLung Washe the recommended solution for PowerLung products?

PowerLung first launched PowerLung Washe we wanted to offer customers a product that would help keep their PowerLung clean and functioning properly without damaging it. We had always recommended cleaning PowerLung at least weekly. Remember the purpose of cleaning PowerLung is to keep it functioning properly for your own personal use, never for sharing.

We had never made specific cleaning product recommendation and initially suggested regular dishwashing detergent. As a result we began to see an increase in customer service questions.

  • Some reported the PowerLung valve suddenly stopped opening and therefore the PowerLung didn’t work. When these were returned for Warranty Service, it was very clear from their appearance the problem was due to lack of regular cleaning of the PowerLung.
  • Others reported there was suddenly no resistance when they used the PowerLung. When these were returned for warranty service and were inspected, they had an oily film on them or sometimes had scarring internally. The oily film meant the valves were not maintaining good resistance and the scarring meant there was no longer a good seal to allow the resistance to be maintained. Both were the result of an abrasive product and/or method being used to clean the PowerLung.

PowerLung Washe seemed the best way to keep a PowerLung clean and functioning properly without leaving a residue on the product or causing damage to the PowerLung.

Why did PowerLung discontinue PowerLung Washe?

PowerLung Washe is a good cleaner but it was becoming increasingly costly to ship a liquid domestically and there were restrictions on liquids being shipped both domestically and internationally.

How did you come to the conclusion on what to use as a replacement cleaning solution for PowerLung Washe?

We have spent almost 9 months investigating alternative means or products to clean PowerLung. Our goal was to identify a product or process that would clean any residue from the PowerLung that remained after you exhale so that it can continue to operate properly.

Our investigation found the following methods are NOT suitable for cleaning PowerLung:

  1. Cleaning it in a dishwasher because the products used for cleaning have unsatisfactory side effects (see #3) and the extreme heat for drying may cause damage to PowerLung components.
  2. Placing a PowerLung in boiling water, even without a cleaning product, exposes the PowerLung components to high temperatures that can damage the internal components of the PowerLung.
  3. Soaking a PowerLung in water containing a tablet or liquid normally used in a dishwasher is unsatisfactory for the following reasons:
    • The cleaning product may be abrasive and cause damage to the PowerLung components;
    • The cleaning product may not dissolve completely and may leave particle residue in the PowerLung which could then be inhaled and cause you harm or injury;
    • The cleaning product may contain additives that are harmful if inhaled;
  4. Denture cleaning solutions never dissolve completely and the residual particle could be inhaled and cause you harm or injury.
  5. Bottle cleaning solutions never dissolve complete and the residual particles could be inhaled and cause you harm or injury.

With these results and testing various products, PowerLung was able to conclude that the products that were suitable for cleaning our products were Dawn® Original dishwashing liquid and Dawn® Pure Essentials dishwashing liquid.

These two products were able to give PowerLung the results we were looking for to clean residue and allow PowerLung products to remain properly operational.

What is a suitable cleaning solution for PowerLung?

A simple liquid product that

  • Dissolves completely
  • Helps release particles exhaled into the PowerLung
  • Does not contain additives that will leave a film or cause abrasion when the product is used
  • Rinses clean
  • Is already commercially available and easy to get anywhere in the world.

We recommend you use a mild dishwashing liquid that does NOT contain hand softening ingredients or anti-bacterial agents. Other cleaning products may damage or impair efficiency of your PowerLung.


Dawn® Original hand dishwashing liquid Boiling water
Dawn® Pure Essentials hand dishwashing liquid Denture cleaning solutions
Bottle cleaning solutions
Dishwasher cleaning solutions (PowerLung is not dishwasher safe)


You can reference the PowerLung cleaning Instructions that came with your product or view the instructions online here for details on quantity of product and liquid to use to obtain best results when cleaning your PowerLung.