PowerLung offers a 2 year Warranty Service for materials and workmanship. Each unit contains an Accessory Pack. Inside this plastic bag are the PowerLung Warranty, with serial numbers and instructions for online registration and how to receive service on a unit they believe is defective. Also in the packet are the User Instructions. Please put a note on the information in your customer’s package to remind them to register their PowerLung so they can receive warranty service and other benefits.

As a PowerLung reseller, you are only responsible for assuring our mutual customer, the end user, knows that any problems they have with their PowerLung should be referred to the manufacturer. This applies to items a consumer may return as defective. Do not replace it; just send the returned unit, along with the customer’s information and PowerLung provides the service directly to the user. It’s out of your hands.

Here is a link to the PowerLung Warranty, and instructions on how to obtain warranty service. We recommend you provide this information on your site as a link from your product descriptions to your customer service and FAQ sections so both your customers and staff have access to the information. If you need any assistance please contact our Business Inquiries Section for your support at or call 800.903.3087 (Toll Free) and select the Dealer Service Option.

Again, you should never replace defective product or deal with any warranty issues. Instead forward the product directly to PowerLung with the customer’s contact information and PowerLung will take it from there. If your customer reports a defective product without returning it, point them directly to the PowerLung Warranty Service Request and we will make sure it is handled. Be sure to let them know to tell us where they purchased the product so we can let you know the result as well.

We want your customer to be happy with their purchase.