Peak Performance Training Begins with PowerLung®

PowerLung® is based on 80 years of research. Test results show PowerLung® increases respiratory muscle strength – INHALE and EXHALE – for all users.

PowerLung® Uses a Unique Approach to Train the Breathing Muscles

Our units train the respiratory muscles using the same proven techniques as those used to strength train skeletal muscles – progressive threshold resistance. The goal of the training is to implement targeted exercise to a group of muscles in order to improve those muscles’ ability to meet the demands placed upon it with less stress and effort. This type of training also helps the muscles maintain flexibility for longer periods of activity. PowerLung® is designed to provide a more natural approach to training breathing by training the full cycle of continuous breathing – inhale and exhale.
Using our multiple-use, single-user product, PowerLung® also forces individuals to breathe deeply from the diaphragm using all of the respiratory muscles. The user receives feedback to help assure the user knows when they are performing the training correctly.

How Professionals are Using PowerLung®

In conversations with different professionals we are advised they may recommend or prescribe it for the following reasons:

  • The availability of different models and resistance cell sets with different ranges of resistance provides the healthcare professional the opportunity to select the device best suited to the clients current and future ability.
  • Inhale and exhale are independently adjustable so they can work with clients to utilize one machine more effectively.
  • The psychological benefit of the product being marketed for health and improvement makes client compliance higher.
  • It aids in the physical and psychological preparation necessary to help individual transfer from ventilator assisted breathing to normal breathing.
  • It is a non-invasive, drug-free alternative for some individuals who are non-compliant with other therapies (e.g. C-pap).
  • It can be used as an assist in delivery of medications administered through inhalers because its use before inhaler use can improve the client’s ability to benefit from the inhaler.

Become a PowerLung® Therapy Expert™

Our company has established the PowerLung® Therapy Expert (PTE) Program, which has become a powerful tool for therapists and therapy practices, enabling them to guide their clients to the appropriate PowerLung® model. This program allows for you to personally experience the breathing device you would recommend to your client. By personally utilizing the PowerLung®, you will also be able to show your clients how the breathing device works and how it applies to their specific needs.

The PTE Program is available to one therapist per practice location and area of discipline. If it is a multidisciplinary practice or organization, each therapy discipline can have a PowerLung® Therapy Expert.

Choose a Therapist Expert

no-icon1Designate someone to become your PowerLung® Therapy Expert™ and then have your designee purchase a PowerLung® unit from us at wholesale cost.
Note: This unit must be purchased directly from PowerLung® in order to receive the discount.

Have the Therapy Expert Choose Their Own Breathing Device

no-icon2Your Expert should visit our website and choose the model appropriate for their personal level of activity and goals. If they are uncertain, they can use the “Which do I choose?” chart to help them. This will help your Expert better understand the different models and give them a familiarity with the site in case your clients need help.

Use the Breathing Device for Two Weeks

no-icon3Once your Expert receives their model, they should use the breathing device for two weeks. Each week they will be asked to complete a survey. The survey is designed to help us gather information for further improvements, as well as help your Expert consider the numerous ways the device can be used with your clients.

Contact PowerLung® for Your Demonstrator Set

no-icon4After the Expert has finished the two weeks and completed their surveys, contact us. We will then send your Demonstrator set. Demonstrator sets include a set of two modified PowerLung® units (one inhale, one exhale), Resistance Cells for the other models, and instructions on how to change the cells. It is highly recommended to use your standard disposal mouthpieces with your clients.

Using Your Demonstration Set

no-icon5Demonstration Sets are a tool that offers the therapy practice a way to guide their clients to the correct model. It is also an excellent way to let clients try the breathing device and actually experience it in a supervised setting before they purchase their own model.


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