Add PowerLung® to Your Training System

We have also established a PowerLung® Coaches & Trainers Program, which allows for coaches and trainers to recommend the appropriate PowerLung® model to their athletes and clients. As a coach or a trainer, you will be able to utilize the breathing device, understand how it works, and demonstrate how to use it.

Become an Expert

no-icon1As a coach or trainer, you will be able purchase a PowerLung® unit from us at wholesale cost.
Note: This unit must be purchased directly from PowerLung® in order to receive the discount.

Choose Your Own Breathing Device

no-icon2Visit our website and choose the model that fits your personal level of activity and goals. If you are uncertain, visit the “Which do I choose?” chart for help. This will explain the different models and give you a familiarity with the site in case your clients need help.

Use the Breathing Device for Two Weeks

no-icon3After receiving the model, use the breathing device for two weeks. Each week you will be asked to complete a survey. The survey is designed to help us gather information for further improvements, as well as help you consider the numerous ways the device can be used with your clients.

Contact PowerLung® for Your Demonstrator Set

no-icon4After completing the two weeks and your surveys, contact us. We will then send your Demonstrator set. Demonstrator sets include a set of two modified PowerLung® units (one inhale, one exhale), Resistance Cells for the other models, and instructions on how to change the cells. It is highly recommended to use your standard disposal mouthpieces with your athletes or clients.

Using Your Demonstration Set

no-icon5Demonstration Sets are a tool that offers coaches and trainers a way to guide their athletes or clients to the correct model. It is also an excellent way to let athletes and clients try the breathing device and actually experience it in a supervised setting before they purchase their own model.

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