PowerLung resellers range from small to large online entities as well as small specialty to larger general product stores. In order to retain product value and also assure reasonable profit levels for the work you put into selling PowerLung products we have an enforced Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy. This does not in any way mean we determine the ultimate sales price for PowerLung in your stores only what your published advertise price is. This policy also provides the means by which you can actually use the PowerLung product as a premium for much higher end and complimentary products you may sell. You must agree to the PowerLung MAP Policy before you can be approved as a PowerLung Reseller.

If you are a PowerLung distributor it is your responsibility to provide a copy of the PowerLung MAP Policy to anyone purchasing PowerLung products from you. If PowerLung determines product shipped to you is being sold below MAP Policy guidelines, you will be requested to assist in notifying that reseller. Repeated violations do have consequence of be placed on Unauthorized Seller List.

If you need any assistance please contact our Business Inquiries Section for your support at or call 800.903.3087 (Toll Free) and select the Dealer Service Option.